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History of OHS

Owner and Founder Deidre Rojas has always been curious about the real estate market. At the adventurous age of 6 and on, Ms. Rojas used to spend her school breaks and downtime spending time with her late grandmother, Mrs. Alicia Rojas. Mrs. Rojas was a very successful real estate agent in El Paso, Texas. Deidre was there to watch her grandma gracefully host open houses all the time. One thing Deidre always remembered was how her grandmother would express wanting a better way to get the word out about open houses. The usage of yard signs would bring in foot traffic but, not necessarily the right traffic when her grandmother would host.


Now, flashing forward to one blissful October night sky in 2017, Deidre created and started OHS. Ms. Rojas knows her grandmother Mrs. Alicia Rojas is with her in spirit. Open House Solutions is Ms. Rojas’s way of honoring her late grandmother’s legacy. One thing Ms. Rojas always believes, is in herself. To you all reading this, Ms. Rojas wishes the same for you. Never give up on yourselves or your dreams.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide email marketing services that will generate quality leads for the real estate market through our continuously growing client database & dedication.

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